How use Bulk Transactions

Bulk Transactions is a special feature designed by Secret Stash. It optimizes transaction submissions by batching several actions into one transaction. Actions are suggested dynamicaly based on the selection. Click on the 'Select' button to enter in the selection mode.

Bulk Transactions tutorial - Bulk listing - Select Button
This tutorial provides you tips and tricks using this feature:
  • Bulk Listing
  • Bulk Unlisting
  • Bulk Buying

Bulk Listing

In this example we are going to list several NFTs in a row (it requires you own some).
Navigate to the NFTs section of your Profile page. Here I have Pokemon NFTs that I want to list on Secret Stash.

Click on the 'Select' button, select some NFTs and then open the multiple actions modal by clicking on the 'Actions' button. Available actions on owned NFTs are: Transfer, Listing, Delegation, Royalties Setting & Burning. In this example I want to list 2 Pokemons at 13,500 CAPS each. A signing modal will resume my actions on the selected NFTs and the batched transaction will be submitted once after clicking on the 'Sign Transaction(s)' button.

Bulk Transactions tutorial - Bulk listing - Action
Bulk Transactions tutorial - Bulk listing - Sign Modal

When the transaction is completed, a success modal will confirm the proceed action. Navigate to the Explore NFTs to check that your NFTs were listed succesfully.

Bulk Transactions tutorial - Bulk listing - Explore

Bulk Unlisting

The Bulk Transactions feature adapts to the context of the selection. If you active the selection mode from the 'Explore NFTs' page and select the previously listed NFTs, only one action will be available from the multiple actions modal: Unlist.

Bulk Transactions tutorial - Bulk unlisting - Explore

Bulk Buying

Select not owned listed NFTs from the Explore NFTs page will suggest only the buying action in the multiple actions modal. Sign the transaction to become the new owner.

Bulk Transactions tutorial - Bulk buying - Explore

These tricks are just ideas to introduce you to the Bulk Transactions feature, you can manage your NFTs in many more ways on Secret Stash. Let you guide by the dynamic allowed actions based on your selection and optimize your time and fees.